Thank you for taking time to visit Full Court Press Sports Blog. My name is Ryan Leach I am a final semester Senior at the University of New Hampshire. In December I will be graduating with a B.S. in Sports Studies (concentration in Sports Marketing) and a B.A. My intent for this blog is to express my thoughts on the world of sports in an intelligent. I believe that you don’t need pictures of half naked girls and videos of guys getting kicked in the nuts to talk about sports. (Disclaimer: Every now in then I will throw in a humorous video for entertainment) I also will try and focus more on the business side of the sports world. From corporate sponsorships and promotions to sports journalism (both good and bad) and social networking I will do my best to cover the emerging trends and what I see as the future of the sports business world. 

Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t use this blog to express my joy and frustration with my favorite teams and players as well as other major topics in the sports world, but I think that there are enough middle aged blowhards stuck in their mom’s basement still wearing throwback football jerseys, drinking Monster Energy Drink, eating Cheetos, and saying that they could have a higher OBP than David Ortiz this year. I will do my best to not be one of those.

This blog will be a mash of different sports and sports topics and will cover everything from golf to rugby (the two soon to be new olympic sports) and everything in between. I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate all feedback you can either leave comments directly here on Full Court Press or contact me and follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/Leach24 or facebook.com/Leach24.


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