Super Bowl Ads Hits and Misses

Even before Aaron Rodgers stomped out the last remaining memories of Brett Favre like a Marlboro Red outside a dive bar in Green Bay the world of the internet had turned it’s attention on determining the other big winner of  last night. The #BrandBowl kept us social networking fans active during the game and kept our mind off of potentially seeing Big Ben hoist another Lombardi Trophy Which companies won with ads and which companies spent millions and flamed out.

Here are my favorite from different categories last night:

BEST IN SHOW (Best Overall Commercial)

Chrysler- “Imported From Detroit”

Probably the most talked about ad on Monday and a great way for the American car industry to start turning the page (as Detroit’s Bob Segar would say) This was 2 bare boned minutes  for a city and country that is still stuck in tough times. If any American car company would have come out with a slapstick comedy type commercial it would have been like spitting in the face of the citizens who bailed them out over the last few years. This commercial showed that Detroit and America are on the way back. Maybe we aren’t completely in the clear, but Chrysler showed that with innovation in their new cars and great cinematography that was designed for HD that Detroit and  America are officially on the rebound.

Also compared to the dogshit claymation ad by Lipton Chrysler made a commercial featuring Eminem that the majority of the country could enjoy.

Compliments also to Chevy for this ad. No Humor No epic special effects or plot twists. Just a quality commercial that shows what the company is about.


If there is one thing that advertisers should learn when making a funny Super Bowl Ads. It is hard to make a bad commercial when chimps are involved. Unlike using babies (Here’s looking at you ETRADE) no one every really gets tired of chimps. Talking babies tend to get on people’s nerves after a while especially if they are using IPADS. A monkey in a suit would make anyone laugh in any situation and that is scientifically proven. Also when a monkey throws its own poop its hilarious, when a baby throws his own poop it’s bad parenting.


Budweiser – Wild West

InBev and Anheuser Busch usually use their Super Bowl ad money on the Bud Light line, but in 2011 they branched out a bit. The usual Bud Light ads were below mediocre with not one that really stuck out. Did they think the public would really latch on to the home makeover parody or the product placement ad? However they did have a winner with this Bud ad. With “True Grit” up for Best Picture and Red Dead Redemption being one of the best video games of 2011 the true Western had good year and this commercial did a good job incorporating pop cultures lust for the Old West. I also enjoyed that INBEV didn’t focus on one product this year. The Western Bud ad and the extremely pretentious Stella Artois ad with Adrian Brody singing in a night club showed that their marketing team knows how to hit the target demo with each product. It established Bud as the All American beer, Bud Light as the anytime beer, and Stella as a beer to drink when you want to read the Huffington Post and wear some ironic Buddy Holly Glasses.


Mini- Cram it In The Boot

There were a lot of sexually driven ads in this Super Bowl and most were pretty good. We’ve come a long way towards an open culture since the backlash after Janet Jackson’s doorknocker breast caused the born agains of America to crap their pants.

The Kim Kardashian Sketchers ad may have been the most sexual advertisement of all time and no one complained the day after. That ad made normal white woman think they could have a good ass and accelerated an entire generation of  young boys into puberty.

Also the Faith Hill “You have a great Rack” flower commercial and the Pepsi “I hope she sleeps with Me” spot were good curve ball type ads. However the Mini Cram it In the Boot had the right combination of sexual inuendo, showing what the product is known for, and creating a term that will be used in casual conversation. “Cram it in the boot will be the 2011 answer to Getting it in. Take that Jersey Shore!



A great job by the NFL on this ad. With the upcoming labor battle looming and potentially no season in 2011 the NFL did a great job making people remember that this current batch of players no matter how goodwill fade into the oblivion of retirement or worse TV color commentary, but the passion fans have for their team will be what continues keeping the NFL as the top sports league in the world. Your move Demaruice Smith.


Volkswagen- The Force

This ad takes the Congeniality award. A great spot especially for anyone who (unlike me) enjoyed any of the Star Wars movies. This is the ad that set the twitter universes a blaze when it aired, which makes sense. It also established Volkswagen as a family car company trying to supplant volvo as the car of the suburbs.



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