BCS Shows Footballs Future

We need to face it sports enthusiasts. Our years of complaining don’t matter. The BCS isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter how many books are written (DEATH TO THE BCS) or how many eccentric billionaires say they are going to ride in like John Wayne and save the day with his own playoff system. Can we really trust a Dancing With The Stars contestant to convince the college presidents and conference commissioners to change?

What we need to do is accept the BCS for what it is and know it’s not changing so enjoy it as much as we can. Like that crazy great aunt you see every ear at family Christmas parties who gives you a $5 gift certificate to the movie theater or fruit cake just grin and enjoy it. Also let’s face it this year the BCS did alright.

Take away the Oklahoma-UCONN stinkjob the BCS gave us the best crop of games we have seen in a while. TCU proved that the “sisters of the poor” can hang with the big guys, the Sugar Bowl was a classic, and Andrew Luck and Stanford showed us that  student athletes do still exist although they are more rare than a Chelsea Handler joke that is actually funny.

All of those games however were the side dishes to the main course being served in Arizona tonight. The BCS put the 2 best teams in a game to decided it all and after tonight we will have a true National Champion. This has all the makings of a title game classic with plotlines everywhere.

My 3 favorite plotlines are


2  Two smaller schools who are non traditional powers have created scalper Armageddon. With an average ticket price of $4,000 and StubHub actually taking the game off their site last week (First time that has happened in 10 years) This game might be the first step to the ticket world actually stepping back and figuring out how to make their industry run smoother. Probably Not.

3 My favorite thing about this game is that it shows the tectonic plate shifting of college athletics. Last year’s Alabama-Texas game was about the greats of the past, but this years Auburn-Oregon battle is about the future. Tradition is out and Cool is king. Oregon’s rise to the national title game has come on the backs of Nike’s Wings. Phil Knight and his Monopoly Man sized pockets have made Oregon a cool brand. They aren’t known for their tradition like USC or Texas, but for the foreseeable future they will be right up competing with those teams for recruits touting their uniform combinations and brands cool factor, and for many young athletes wearing something cool every saturday outweighs TRADITION. Sorry Ruettiger!

Monday’s game also is the first time that the Click-Clack of Under Armour will be heard in the BCS title game. And although they have a looooooooong way to go to compete with as CEO Kevin Plank says “That company out west with the orange box” it is a major step for a growing brand. If you go to a local school or youth league game you will see the UA everywhere on young athletes. It is the cool gear that kids want to wear on the field and they are starting to slowly build their stable of college programs to match their youth movement. Sure Truman State, Delaware, and Toledo aren’t pillars of NCAA greatness but each year UA picks up a few more BCS conference programs and they are only going to get bigger. They may never catch Nike but the college sports pie is big enough for 2 top brands. If Auburn wins it will be a boost for the entire UA company business model even if they can’t release official BCS Championship gear because that company with the Orange box has exclusive rights.


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