AEG gets into NFL starting blocks

Today Anschutz Entertainment Group CEO, Tim Leiweke spoke before a group of Downtown LA’s business group about AEG’s plans for a new NFL stadium right by the current LA Live complex. The proposed site of the LA convention center’s West Building looks to be moving towards construction.

The 65,000 plus seat stadium would not only be a great carrot in front of the NFL’s nose to lure a team to LA, but also could be a huge boost to downtown LA’s revitalization. It would make LA a destination for major sporting events as well as major conventions. Leiweke put it in great terms today by telling the crowd, “This is the second-largest marketplace in the United States and we’re going to act like it”

I think the AEG proposal is a better plan than that of real estate mogul Ed Roski’s plan for an environmentally friendly stadium planned in City of Industry which is about 40 minutes to an hour outside LA and Hollywood. Here is the proposed Roski stadium.

The reason I am more in favor of the AEG plan is because of the proven success they have in that area with LA Live, and they are being assisted in the proposed stadium by the Wasserman group which is another titan in today’s sports landscape. Casey Wasserman recently went on ESPN’s Bill Simmons podcast outlining the plan and did a great job explaining why the NFL will work in LA.

I think that at lest 1 team in Los Angeles will become a reality within the next 3-5 years and that California and LA will once again takes its place as a destination for major sporting events. Do you even know when the last Super Bowl was held in California? 2003 when Jon Grudens Bucs rolled over the Raiders. That game was so long ago that No Doubt and Shania Twain were popular enough to be the halftime act. That still in my book was one of the worst halftime shows in Super Bowl History.

Nothing says football like Shinia Twain lipsyncing about the joy’s of having female reproductive organs

It’s been even long since the Golden State has hosted a Final Four.


The second largest market in the country should consistently be hosting events such as those and even Republican and Democratic Conventions. AEG’s plan would make that a reality once again. (Also it could give me more of an opportunity to find work in the sports world, so there are selfish reasons i love this plan.


As for the teams who have been rumored could come to LA here’s my wish list:

1) Minnesota Vikings- A player like Adrian Peterson in his prime would become the next great athlete to cross over to the mainstream ala Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco. As for Minnesota they’ll be fine with the Twins, Wild, and Charlie Conway and the rest of the Mighty Ducks


2) St. Louis Rams- They rightfully belong to LA. St Louis has an eroding dome and fan support that left town with Kurt Warner and his good sports gang

3) Jacksonville Jaguars- Most likely to leave their current city and who could blame them. Jacksonville is nothing but strip malls and strip clubs.

4) Oakland Raiders- Al Davis wouldn’t be as frightening in LA as he used to be. Not with THIS THING ROAMING THE STREETS OF LA

5) San Francisco 49ers- This is one of the 5-10 NFL Franchises that should be put on the cannot move under any circumstance list along side the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Giants, Redskins and a few others.

6) Buffalo Bills- Chris Berman and Jim Kelly will circle the wagons of support and the Bills won’t come west. They very well may wind up in Toronto and compete with the Argonauts for season ticket holders.


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