Reebok takes a hit

Recently the NFL Awarded its apparel to Nike starting in the 2012 season (If there is one) It also confirmed that Under Armour would continue to supply the NFL draft and Combine. This is a big get for Nike as they have always had a virtual stranglehold on College Football and have seemed to put a big push into their pro football stable for athletes and created one of the best sports commercials in the last few years. That commercial is so good it made Shawn Merriman look like a player who’d have a great and long NFL career. His hit at the 14 second mark by the way would cost him roughly $4.9 million with the new NFL crackdown on hits.

Nike getting the NFL from Reebok is that it’ll be a huge blow for Reebok. The main rival for Nike during the 1990’s now is dangerously close to dropping to 4th in the minds of consumers (Behind Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour) Other than there Zig-Tech campaign I can’t remember a Reebok campaign since the famous Terry Tate Office Linebacker .

When I was growing up in the 1990’s it was either Nike or Reebok. Every year when basketball season came around the choice for best shoe usually came down to these two. These Reebok Questions were and still are one of my favorite pair of sneakers ever made.  Now Reebok has no star in the NBA today. As good as he is Al Jefferson is not a player you can trot out as a national spokesman. They let their only potential superstar, Rajon Rondo, go to Nike even though they already had a great You Got Rondo’d Campaign built around him.

Look at this list of Reeboks athletes. Other than Peyton Manning, Sydney Crosby, and Ocho Cinco its a list of athletes that wouldn’t even get invited to a D-List Party at Kathy Griffen’s house With Nike having a stable of top athletes in all sports, Adidas focusing on great soccer stars and a young crew of NBA stars, and Under Armour growing two folds every year and signing THE GOD Reebok is far behind in Athlete ranks. Luckily they still have THIS GUY.


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