Football The Way The Sports Gods Intended

It’s been a few months since my last post and I apologize. My life’s been on the front burner with a move from new England to Los Angeles (Stay tuned for a post about that subject) As a way of jumping back into the sports business blogosphere I am going to try to post more often and with the NBA Finals, World Cup, Tennis and Golf Major season heating up, and the biggest off season in the history of any sport coming starting July 1 I will have a lot to discuss.

For my return post I want to commend the NFL for once again making a great decision for the growth of their league both in world wide reach and devotion of their fans by awarding the 2014 Super Bowl to the city of New York.

First they absolutely demolished the sports world with the decision to restructure the NFL draft to Thursday, Friday, Saturday system. The rating beat the NBA and NHL playoffs by a mile and has now created a round 1 and 1A. With all the talent coming through college football now having that night to process and rework the draft board this new format is something that will help the better run franchises separate from the pack with keen trading and scouting.

Now with the decision of playing the marque game in American sports in the biggest city in America (or 35 miles outside of it in a converted wetland) opens even more doors for the biggest league in the world.

The thing that intrigues me the most about this Super Bowl like many others is the element of weather that will certainly become a factor. Other than the rain in Miami when the Colts won their Super Bowl weather has not been a factor in a Super Bowl in decades. To me this isn’t right. Weather is another factor of the game that makes it unique. Football has weather, baseball has different dimensions in each park, and the NBA has referee’s who act like Dirty Harry and throw out horrendous technicals that could decide entire playoff series. (See Eddie F. Rush and Joey Crawford)

In Football weather is the great equalizer as well as the thing which makes good games great and great games into classics. For Example would this game have been as good if not for the weather?

Imagine a Super Bowl being played in a real live SnowGlobe with each commercial cutaway being of the Manhattan skyline. The NFL is the first league which is seeing that due to high ticket prices and improved technology sports fans are willing to trade the excitement of being at the game for the comfort of watching at home. One of the major complaints about a potential NY/NJ Super Bowl has been the fact that the crowd may have to suffer  through frigid temperatures. Well, today’s Super Bowl is not about the people in the stands it’s about those watching throughout America and the world, and after years of seeing games in the same 5 domes warm climate cities seeing a game in the city that never sleeps in frigid temperatures will be a welcome relief.

Also I am no accepting bets that Billy Joel will be the halftime show (That Song is the reason why he’s my favorite) for the Meadowlands Super Bowl. My early Odds are

Billy Joel 7-5 (Billy Joel with Elton John’s odds 5-1)

Bon Jovi 4-1

Jay-Z 6-1

Bruce Springsteen 15-1 (since he already has done a halftime show)

Lee DeWyze- 1000,0-1

Also after seeing how Roger Goddel has become everyone’s Chillin Commissioner I hope he will bring THESE GUYS back for a Pregame Performance. Also for those of you who are like me and are hyper-observant to the authenticity of late 1990’s rap videos you will notice that the video which is shot at Shea Stadium begins with a flyover view of the old Yankee Stadium. Take that Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz you can’t pull a fast one on me.


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