My thoughts on Michael Vick

I for one am a dog lover have had 2 in my life and couldn’t understand why anyone who partake in the injustice of dog fighting. That being said I am glad Vick is being given another chance. In this world people make mistakes and if they do the time for the crime they committed, and sincerely try to make amends for it they should be given a second chance. To me it seems like Mike Vick has done this. I feel like his biggest crime is giving his friends to much access to his money and cosigned on many too many loans. He has paid for that with 2 years in jail and the loss of tens of millions of dollars. (He reported 16 million dollars in worth and 20 million in debt this past week in a bankruptcy  court) 

We shall see if he can still play. I personally believe he still has some game in him. His best season came right before his suspension. Also, he is going to a great fit for his skills. I personally thought he would land with either the Patriots as slot reciever wildcat option or with the Steelers as a back up QB and athletic option sort of like when they had Kordell Stewart. My checklist for a team that would sign Vick was this:

* strong leadership from the Owners general manager and coach

* fan bases who support their team unconditionally and will walk by all the PETA activists with a one fingered salute for them

* A team without a strong option at backup

* A team smart enough to sign him for 2 years so if he does pan out they have him locked up for next year


  Well even though they really were not talked about as a frontrunner to sign Vick the Eagles fit all the criteria. Especially having a weak depth chart behind McNabb (who has struggled with injuries in his career) and fans who will tell PETA to go F% themselves. Also I can picture him as a nice 3rd RB option behind Brian “weak knees” Westbrook and LeShawn McCoy the bruising rookie out of PITT. 

So Congrats to Mike Vick who I feel earned this 2nd chance. I just hope he remembers to watch the company he keeps and having Tony Dungy around should help. Even as a diehard Patriots fan I respect Dungy as one of the most caring people in the football world and should help Vick on his continued road to redemption.


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