The Biggest Competition of the Year

Ahhh ’tis the Ides of February. The shortest month on the calender is traditionally one of the longest for sports fans. After the Super Bowl confetti is swept up we are faced with 4 weeks of ‘We don’t really care until April” NBA Games, “We don’t care until at least the conference tournament” college games, and “Nobody cares until April” baseball reports from Tim Kurkjian and Pablo Gomez. Honestly is there anything more boring in the world of sports than stock footage of pitchers and catchers throwing? In October they don’t show footage of Kevin Durant shooting free throws in an empty gym.

Yes Vince McMahon gives us the Royal Rumble to distract us for a night, but that can’t sustain the casual sports fan for a month. I dare anyone to tell me this 1989 Royal Rumble Intro video isn’t the best line of of wrestlers ever. It’s like Murderer’s Row.

Luckily one pop culture entity rose to the challenge to quench the American public’s thirst for competition. The Jeopardy-IBM Challenge!

I have been a Jeopardy fan since I was in elementary school and one of my dreams in life is to be a Jeopardy Champion (Actually I would settle for Jeopardy contestant.) I idolized Ken Jennings for his 70 plus day run as champion, which is on the level of Ripken and Lou Gehrig’s streaks. By day 35 he had more swagger than Lebron except he could actually call himself a champion.

In my opinion Jeopardy is the apex of intellectual competition. A great contestant on the show must be both book and street smart and also have the reflexes of an NHL goaltender. You also have to know enough insignificant trivia than everyone in a bar trivia night in a college town.

The Jeopardy-IBM Challenge pitted the 2 greatest champions the show has seen against 7 years of algorithms and hard work from some of the greatest computer minds of our time. THAT’S RIGHT IT’S A NERD Vs. DORK Vs. GEEK SHOWDOWN!


I don't know why Trebeck is holding up the 1, but don't question it!

Ken Jennings Vs. Watson Vs. Brad Rutter is the best 3 way competition since Bird, Magic, and Jordan were competing for the title of best in the game in the late 80’s.

In this scenario Ken Jennings has to be Magic. The person who is most known to the public for his accomplishments and is recognized by the public as the best of the 3.

Brad Rutter will assume the role of Larry Bird for the 3 day competition. He may not be as recognized to the common fan as Jennings, but true fans know that Rutter has beaten Jennings head to head every time they have faced off. Also Rutter’s run as champion (5 days) was stopped by the term limit of Jeopardy’s rules in the early 2000’s. After Rutter the rules were changed paving the way for Jennings run. No matter what Watson does the Jennings Vs, Rutter side plot will be as fun  (and as trivial) to watch and  as the 1992 battle in the Olympic Decathlon between Dan and Dave

(If Any man actually remembers the Dan Vs. Dave ad campaign please email me at because I think we can be friends. And if any woman remember that ad campaign email me because you are my future wife)

Watson is the Jordan of this contest. The young upstart who has far more talent than the other 2, but the public isn’t sure he is ready to be at the top of the mountain. Will his computer ego make him vulnerable to the upset from 2 of the best us humans can put up? We shall se by Thursday.

After the first 2 days I have a few issues with the Jeopardy-IBM challenge:

1) they didn’t make it a big enough event.

This seems to me on the surface as one of those things we will look back on as the Paul Revere’s Ride type of events. This is a computer taking on the best that humans have to offer in a competition and its only a syndicated show that airs at different times around the country?

This should have been a network prime time event spread over 4 days.

Monday- 12 Minute introduction of the technology and story behind Watson, as well as 7 minute features on Jennings and Rutter to get America familiar with the contestants. HBO started this idea of getting to know competitors in major as characters as well as combatants with the amazing 24/7 series.


2) Tape Delay effect

Just like cheesy award shows the results of the Jeopardy-IBM Challenge could be found 20 minutes after the results of each day were known. If you want to build ratings or response about your event the entire country needs the chance to watch it at the same time.

This past Sunday the Grammy’s were held 10 miles from my apartment at the Staples Center, but because of CBS’s terrible use of time zone tape delay the suspense of the event was taken away from the mountain and pacific time zones. Granted the Grammy’s have less suspense than an Episode of “Mike and Molly,” but who cares.

The same goes for the Jeopardy-IBM Challenge. I had to basically stay off the internet for 4 hours to avoid the spoilers over the day 2 results. It’s not like this is an episode of Grey’s Anatomy this is a major achievement in science and a big step in technology for the future. Imagine if people on the west coast had to watch the Super Bowl 3 hours after it happened. I think it’d look like this.

If this was the case I would probably be like this guy.

I understand stealing the underwear, but why the giant crayon? Was that the best thing you could find buddy? You know you need to get to Black Friday early.

3) They played down the competition aspect

Everyone who gets on Jeopardy wants to win. I can’t think of many Ice breakers with a girl than “I was a Jeopardy champion” The producers used the IBM challenge to showcase the science rather than build up the  battle of Man vs. Machine. This could have been the biggest showdown of man vs. machine since Drago Vs. Balboa.

ESPN missed the boat on this one. If you have the time and money to show a North Carolina A&T Vs. Hampton Women’s basketball game you have the resources to make the Jeopardy-IBM challenge a primetime event. Remember this is a network that made poker cool! Imagine what they could have done with jeopardy and a supercomputer.

Also if ESPN got the rights for this event we could see pep talks to Jennings and Rutter  from a former coach that has no idea what the hell is going on. Like Herm Edwards talking basketball.

These next  days will be great television for Jeopardy fans, and could help determine the future of how humans interact with computers. It could have been one of history’s best marketing gimmick. Someone dropped the ball here and I am guessing it’s IBM, because we all know compunerds can’t catch.

Watson Vs. Jennings Vs. Rutter may be a turning point in technology or not. Only time will tell, but even if Watson wins the human race’s savior will be close at hand.


I will post my thoughts on the actual competition tomorrow.


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Super Bowl Ads Hits and Misses

Even before Aaron Rodgers stomped out the last remaining memories of Brett Favre like a Marlboro Red outside a dive bar in Green Bay the world of the internet had turned it’s attention on determining the other big winner of  last night. The #BrandBowl kept us social networking fans active during the game and kept our mind off of potentially seeing Big Ben hoist another Lombardi Trophy Which companies won with ads and which companies spent millions and flamed out.

Here are my favorite from different categories last night:

BEST IN SHOW (Best Overall Commercial)

Chrysler- “Imported From Detroit”

Probably the most talked about ad on Monday and a great way for the American car industry to start turning the page (as Detroit’s Bob Segar would say) This was 2 bare boned minutes  for a city and country that is still stuck in tough times. If any American car company would have come out with a slapstick comedy type commercial it would have been like spitting in the face of the citizens who bailed them out over the last few years. This commercial showed that Detroit and America are on the way back. Maybe we aren’t completely in the clear, but Chrysler showed that with innovation in their new cars and great cinematography that was designed for HD that Detroit and  America are officially on the rebound.

Also compared to the dogshit claymation ad by Lipton Chrysler made a commercial featuring Eminem that the majority of the country could enjoy.

Compliments also to Chevy for this ad. No Humor No epic special effects or plot twists. Just a quality commercial that shows what the company is about.


If there is one thing that advertisers should learn when making a funny Super Bowl Ads. It is hard to make a bad commercial when chimps are involved. Unlike using babies (Here’s looking at you ETRADE) no one every really gets tired of chimps. Talking babies tend to get on people’s nerves after a while especially if they are using IPADS. A monkey in a suit would make anyone laugh in any situation and that is scientifically proven. Also when a monkey throws its own poop its hilarious, when a baby throws his own poop it’s bad parenting.


Budweiser – Wild West

InBev and Anheuser Busch usually use their Super Bowl ad money on the Bud Light line, but in 2011 they branched out a bit. The usual Bud Light ads were below mediocre with not one that really stuck out. Did they think the public would really latch on to the home makeover parody or the product placement ad? However they did have a winner with this Bud ad. With “True Grit” up for Best Picture and Red Dead Redemption being one of the best video games of 2011 the true Western had good year and this commercial did a good job incorporating pop cultures lust for the Old West. I also enjoyed that INBEV didn’t focus on one product this year. The Western Bud ad and the extremely pretentious Stella Artois ad with Adrian Brody singing in a night club showed that their marketing team knows how to hit the target demo with each product. It established Bud as the All American beer, Bud Light as the anytime beer, and Stella as a beer to drink when you want to read the Huffington Post and wear some ironic Buddy Holly Glasses.


Mini- Cram it In The Boot

There were a lot of sexually driven ads in this Super Bowl and most were pretty good. We’ve come a long way towards an open culture since the backlash after Janet Jackson’s doorknocker breast caused the born agains of America to crap their pants.

The Kim Kardashian Sketchers ad may have been the most sexual advertisement of all time and no one complained the day after. That ad made normal white woman think they could have a good ass and accelerated an entire generation of  young boys into puberty.

Also the Faith Hill “You have a great Rack” flower commercial and the Pepsi “I hope she sleeps with Me” spot were good curve ball type ads. However the Mini Cram it In the Boot had the right combination of sexual inuendo, showing what the product is known for, and creating a term that will be used in casual conversation. “Cram it in the boot will be the 2011 answer to Getting it in. Take that Jersey Shore!



A great job by the NFL on this ad. With the upcoming labor battle looming and potentially no season in 2011 the NFL did a great job making people remember that this current batch of players no matter how goodwill fade into the oblivion of retirement or worse TV color commentary, but the passion fans have for their team will be what continues keeping the NFL as the top sports league in the world. Your move Demaruice Smith.


Volkswagen- The Force

This ad takes the Congeniality award. A great spot especially for anyone who (unlike me) enjoyed any of the Star Wars movies. This is the ad that set the twitter universes a blaze when it aired, which makes sense. It also established Volkswagen as a family car company trying to supplant volvo as the car of the suburbs.


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BCS Shows Footballs Future

We need to face it sports enthusiasts. Our years of complaining don’t matter. The BCS isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter how many books are written (DEATH TO THE BCS) or how many eccentric billionaires say they are going to ride in like John Wayne and save the day with his own playoff system. Can we really trust a Dancing With The Stars contestant to convince the college presidents and conference commissioners to change?

What we need to do is accept the BCS for what it is and know it’s not changing so enjoy it as much as we can. Like that crazy great aunt you see every ear at family Christmas parties who gives you a $5 gift certificate to the movie theater or fruit cake just grin and enjoy it. Also let’s face it this year the BCS did alright.

Take away the Oklahoma-UCONN stinkjob the BCS gave us the best crop of games we have seen in a while. TCU proved that the “sisters of the poor” can hang with the big guys, the Sugar Bowl was a classic, and Andrew Luck and Stanford showed us that  student athletes do still exist although they are more rare than a Chelsea Handler joke that is actually funny.

All of those games however were the side dishes to the main course being served in Arizona tonight. The BCS put the 2 best teams in a game to decided it all and after tonight we will have a true National Champion. This has all the makings of a title game classic with plotlines everywhere.

My 3 favorite plotlines are


2  Two smaller schools who are non traditional powers have created scalper Armageddon. With an average ticket price of $4,000 and StubHub actually taking the game off their site last week (First time that has happened in 10 years) This game might be the first step to the ticket world actually stepping back and figuring out how to make their industry run smoother. Probably Not.

3 My favorite thing about this game is that it shows the tectonic plate shifting of college athletics. Last year’s Alabama-Texas game was about the greats of the past, but this years Auburn-Oregon battle is about the future. Tradition is out and Cool is king. Oregon’s rise to the national title game has come on the backs of Nike’s Wings. Phil Knight and his Monopoly Man sized pockets have made Oregon a cool brand. They aren’t known for their tradition like USC or Texas, but for the foreseeable future they will be right up competing with those teams for recruits touting their uniform combinations and brands cool factor, and for many young athletes wearing something cool every saturday outweighs TRADITION. Sorry Ruettiger!

Monday’s game also is the first time that the Click-Clack of Under Armour will be heard in the BCS title game. And although they have a looooooooong way to go to compete with as CEO Kevin Plank says “That company out west with the orange box” it is a major step for a growing brand. If you go to a local school or youth league game you will see the UA everywhere on young athletes. It is the cool gear that kids want to wear on the field and they are starting to slowly build their stable of college programs to match their youth movement. Sure Truman State, Delaware, and Toledo aren’t pillars of NCAA greatness but each year UA picks up a few more BCS conference programs and they are only going to get bigger. They may never catch Nike but the college sports pie is big enough for 2 top brands. If Auburn wins it will be a boost for the entire UA company business model even if they can’t release official BCS Championship gear because that company with the Orange box has exclusive rights.


My Pick








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AEG gets into NFL starting blocks

Today Anschutz Entertainment Group CEO, Tim Leiweke spoke before a group of Downtown LA’s business group about AEG’s plans for a new NFL stadium right by the current LA Live complex. The proposed site of the LA convention center’s West Building looks to be moving towards construction.

The 65,000 plus seat stadium would not only be a great carrot in front of the NFL’s nose to lure a team to LA, but also could be a huge boost to downtown LA’s revitalization. It would make LA a destination for major sporting events as well as major conventions. Leiweke put it in great terms today by telling the crowd, “This is the second-largest marketplace in the United States and we’re going to act like it”

I think the AEG proposal is a better plan than that of real estate mogul Ed Roski’s plan for an environmentally friendly stadium planned in City of Industry which is about 40 minutes to an hour outside LA and Hollywood. Here is the proposed Roski stadium.

The reason I am more in favor of the AEG plan is because of the proven success they have in that area with LA Live, and they are being assisted in the proposed stadium by the Wasserman group which is another titan in today’s sports landscape. Casey Wasserman recently went on ESPN’s Bill Simmons podcast outlining the plan and did a great job explaining why the NFL will work in LA.

I think that at lest 1 team in Los Angeles will become a reality within the next 3-5 years and that California and LA will once again takes its place as a destination for major sporting events. Do you even know when the last Super Bowl was held in California? 2003 when Jon Grudens Bucs rolled over the Raiders. That game was so long ago that No Doubt and Shania Twain were popular enough to be the halftime act. That still in my book was one of the worst halftime shows in Super Bowl History.

Nothing says football like Shinia Twain lipsyncing about the joy’s of having female reproductive organs

It’s been even long since the Golden State has hosted a Final Four.


The second largest market in the country should consistently be hosting events such as those and even Republican and Democratic Conventions. AEG’s plan would make that a reality once again. (Also it could give me more of an opportunity to find work in the sports world, so there are selfish reasons i love this plan.


As for the teams who have been rumored could come to LA here’s my wish list:

1) Minnesota Vikings- A player like Adrian Peterson in his prime would become the next great athlete to cross over to the mainstream ala Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco. As for Minnesota they’ll be fine with the Twins, Wild, and Charlie Conway and the rest of the Mighty Ducks


2) St. Louis Rams- They rightfully belong to LA. St Louis has an eroding dome and fan support that left town with Kurt Warner and his good sports gang

3) Jacksonville Jaguars- Most likely to leave their current city and who could blame them. Jacksonville is nothing but strip malls and strip clubs.

4) Oakland Raiders- Al Davis wouldn’t be as frightening in LA as he used to be. Not with THIS THING ROAMING THE STREETS OF LA

5) San Francisco 49ers- This is one of the 5-10 NFL Franchises that should be put on the cannot move under any circumstance list along side the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Giants, Redskins and a few others.

6) Buffalo Bills- Chris Berman and Jim Kelly will circle the wagons of support and the Bills won’t come west. They very well may wind up in Toronto and compete with the Argonauts for season ticket holders.

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No Football in 2011? Just Look North

With both the owners and the Player’s Association digging their heels in the sand all roads are leading to a lockout and no NFL season in 2011. If this atrocity comes to fruition we will need something to occupy our Sunday football fix. I think Canadian football could serve as a one year replacement while the NFL decides who won the Chain Measuring contest in the boardroom.

The CFL has all we need to take our mind temporarily off the NFL with 1996 production value, Just enough rules that make no sense that Americans can chuckle at, and of course reporters canadian accents.

One of the great things would be we all get to pick a team. No americans really have ties to Canadian teams so if we all decided to watch we’d all get to pick what team we follow. This would show the true colors. Would you back the team that is closest to the city you live in. Maybe throw your support behind a team that has a good uniform (Winnipeg) or mascot (Saskatchewan). Or would you be the type of person who would root for the Dallas Cowboys type team with the recognizable name (Toronto)

I decided to get a jump start on my CFL fanhood before NFL LOCKOUT DOOMSDAY hits and watched this years Grey Cup Championship game through the ESPN streaming feature on XBOX 360. This feature is a potential game changer in the way sports fans watch and interact with sports broadcasts. Here are my thoughts from the game:

The TSN Pregame team is just about as corny and good as any of its NFL rivals. Just look at this group photo TSN GAMEDAY

Jock Climie needs to be on american TV. He is a former CFL player who combines Lee Corso over the top proclamations  and Deion Sanders level cockyness that he could still play in the league. Even his first name, Jock, is perfect for his role. Here’s Jock’s Grey Cup Memory

TSN’s answer to Erin Andrews is Sara Orlesky who lacks slightly in looks:

and talent: She stumbles over every interview, at one point stops a read to blow her nose, and she used one of her sideline reports to talk about why Montreal players are holding 4 fingers up at the start of the 4th quarter. She does makes up for her shortcomings with heart. I doubt Andrea Kramer would let her barely hanging on plastic surgery face see the frigid sidelines of a CFL sideline.

The announcer said the kick off temp was -9 and that it was a great day for football. Indeed.

The Canadian National Anthem may be better than the Star Spangled Banner. Except for the part that’s in French

The Twiggs
What big canadian artist does the CFL get to sing the anthem? The Trews of course! Wait who the hell are the Trews where’s Bryan Adams.

There was not one but two flyovers from the Canadian Air Force fighter jets. One coming seconds before kickoff and scaing the bejeesus out of everyone on the field.

The QB Matchup for this Grey Cup Matchup pitted Montreal’s Anthony Calvillo the aging Kurt Warner type hispanic QB who has been to 8 Grey Cups and won 3 MVP’s but has faced questions about his deterioration skills. And former North Carolina QB Dariun Durant. A guy even diehard ACC fans forgot about faster than Chris Rix. Durant is the canadian McNabb because of  his mobility arm strength and inability to win the big game.

Announcing Highlights from the game:

” and there’s a bouncing puck” after a fumble

Somehow they never laugh when announcing a player is from Regina

“It’s Aboot time to throw it up to the booth”  when they didn’t even need to add aboot but did for your entertainment

“We’ll Step OOT and be right back” again the we’ll step oot was all for the viewer.

All the kickers and punters in the league have mustaches that make them look like actors from HBO’s Deadwood

The Top defensive back for Montreal is named Dix. Thus winning the award for most jersies with Dix on them in sports history. Just edging out the freshman on a D3 LAX team who fell asleep after being forced to do an Edward 40 Hands.

Even the fan signs are nicer in Canada. Nothing but the facts north of the boarder.

The Prime Minister of Canada sits right in the middle of the fans. That’d be like Obama standing in the middle of the Cameron Crazies at the Final Four.

Any sports fan would love rooting for Saskatchewan WR  Andy Fantuz.The Canadian Born 2 time MVP is the national pride, stayed close to home, and always shows up in big games according to the montage TSN put together and showed 4 times throughout the game. Also he has his own cereal in Canada (Fantuze Flakes)

All Patriots fans would love the CFL because 75% of the recievers and RB’s are built like Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, and Dieon Branch.

Montreal’s SJ Green is the perfect WR vilan. Clad in an Under Armour Dark Visor Green is the teams 5th wideout but his mouth and skill makes him a SPORTSCENTRE Staple. Think of him as the “HUITCINQ” the french canadian OchoCinco.

He had a leaping grab and over 100 yards in the Grey Cup but they kept showing his catch of the year in the “Canada Day Classic” and it is better than any catch in the NFL this year. DONT BLIEVE ME? watch it here. (It’s at the end of the highlight)

Out of Shape Greenman Fans in Elmer Fudd Winter Hats? Point CANADA!

This year’s Grey Cup was a defensive battle and despite a few 1 point drop kicks i didn’t understand it was very entertaining. With his team down 21-17 Durant escaped 2 would be sacks like “Eli Manning on the Helmet Catch that should not be named” tries to fire it out of bounds and it is intercepted by Montreal’s Billy Parker which moved him past Asante Samuel on the championship clinching Interception list and secured the 97th Grey Cup and a repeat for Montreal.

The Aleuts hoist the Grey Cup which was brought on to the field with it's own symphony escorted by 2 Canadian Mounties. Your move Lombardi Trophy

So early in 2011 when the NFL announces the lockout has begun don’t cry into your Chris Johnson jersey just log on to the CFL wiki page and choose a squad. As for me after seeing them loose their second straight Grey Cup I will be putting my support behind the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Does anyone know where I can get a box of Fantuz Flakes?

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Reebok takes a hit

Recently the NFL Awarded its apparel to Nike starting in the 2012 season (If there is one) It also confirmed that Under Armour would continue to supply the NFL draft and Combine. This is a big get for Nike as they have always had a virtual stranglehold on College Football and have seemed to put a big push into their pro football stable for athletes and created one of the best sports commercials in the last few years. That commercial is so good it made Shawn Merriman look like a player who’d have a great and long NFL career. His hit at the 14 second mark by the way would cost him roughly $4.9 million with the new NFL crackdown on hits.

Nike getting the NFL from Reebok is that it’ll be a huge blow for Reebok. The main rival for Nike during the 1990’s now is dangerously close to dropping to 4th in the minds of consumers (Behind Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour) Other than there Zig-Tech campaign I can’t remember a Reebok campaign since the famous Terry Tate Office Linebacker .

When I was growing up in the 1990’s it was either Nike or Reebok. Every year when basketball season came around the choice for best shoe usually came down to these two. These Reebok Questions were and still are one of my favorite pair of sneakers ever made.  Now Reebok has no star in the NBA today. As good as he is Al Jefferson is not a player you can trot out as a national spokesman. They let their only potential superstar, Rajon Rondo, go to Nike even though they already had a great You Got Rondo’d Campaign built around him.

Look at this list of Reeboks athletes. Other than Peyton Manning, Sydney Crosby, and Ocho Cinco its a list of athletes that wouldn’t even get invited to a D-List Party at Kathy Griffen’s house With Nike having a stable of top athletes in all sports, Adidas focusing on great soccer stars and a young crew of NBA stars, and Under Armour growing two folds every year and signing THE GOD Reebok is far behind in Athlete ranks. Luckily they still have THIS GUY.

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Football The Way The Sports Gods Intended

It’s been a few months since my last post and I apologize. My life’s been on the front burner with a move from new England to Los Angeles (Stay tuned for a post about that subject) As a way of jumping back into the sports business blogosphere I am going to try to post more often and with the NBA Finals, World Cup, Tennis and Golf Major season heating up, and the biggest off season in the history of any sport coming starting July 1 I will have a lot to discuss.

For my return post I want to commend the NFL for once again making a great decision for the growth of their league both in world wide reach and devotion of their fans by awarding the 2014 Super Bowl to the city of New York.

First they absolutely demolished the sports world with the decision to restructure the NFL draft to Thursday, Friday, Saturday system. The rating beat the NBA and NHL playoffs by a mile and has now created a round 1 and 1A. With all the talent coming through college football now having that night to process and rework the draft board this new format is something that will help the better run franchises separate from the pack with keen trading and scouting.

Now with the decision of playing the marque game in American sports in the biggest city in America (or 35 miles outside of it in a converted wetland) opens even more doors for the biggest league in the world.

The thing that intrigues me the most about this Super Bowl like many others is the element of weather that will certainly become a factor. Other than the rain in Miami when the Colts won their Super Bowl weather has not been a factor in a Super Bowl in decades. To me this isn’t right. Weather is another factor of the game that makes it unique. Football has weather, baseball has different dimensions in each park, and the NBA has referee’s who act like Dirty Harry and throw out horrendous technicals that could decide entire playoff series. (See Eddie F. Rush and Joey Crawford)

In Football weather is the great equalizer as well as the thing which makes good games great and great games into classics. For Example would this game have been as good if not for the weather?

Imagine a Super Bowl being played in a real live SnowGlobe with each commercial cutaway being of the Manhattan skyline. The NFL is the first league which is seeing that due to high ticket prices and improved technology sports fans are willing to trade the excitement of being at the game for the comfort of watching at home. One of the major complaints about a potential NY/NJ Super Bowl has been the fact that the crowd may have to suffer  through frigid temperatures. Well, today’s Super Bowl is not about the people in the stands it’s about those watching throughout America and the world, and after years of seeing games in the same 5 domes warm climate cities seeing a game in the city that never sleeps in frigid temperatures will be a welcome relief.

Also I am no accepting bets that Billy Joel will be the halftime show (That Song is the reason why he’s my favorite) for the Meadowlands Super Bowl. My early Odds are

Billy Joel 7-5 (Billy Joel with Elton John’s odds 5-1)

Bon Jovi 4-1

Jay-Z 6-1

Bruce Springsteen 15-1 (since he already has done a halftime show)

Lee DeWyze- 1000,0-1

Also after seeing how Roger Goddel has become everyone’s Chillin Commissioner I hope he will bring THESE GUYS back for a Pregame Performance. Also for those of you who are like me and are hyper-observant to the authenticity of late 1990’s rap videos you will notice that the video which is shot at Shea Stadium begins with a flyover view of the old Yankee Stadium. Take that Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz you can’t pull a fast one on me.

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